BioHack it! Barcelona: 

Together with CEEIBIS (Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Ingenieria Biomedica e Ingeniería de la Salud) we are organising a Biomedical Hackathon.

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The STEAM project: 

Organizators of the activities at the stadium.

 The past 5th of April, together with Barcelona’s city council and other research groups, we organized the event ‘Visions Steam Anella’. The event took place in the emblematic stadium of Lluis Companys. On this day, more than 2000 students from 1st and 2nd E.S.O (12 – 14 y.o.) had the possibility to learn about the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), through ludic activities.

We participated by being in charge of one of the activities. Our experiment demonstrated the kids how our body is capable to absorb the oxygen from the air, and release carbon dioxide, and how the consumption of these gases varies after physical activity.

The kids got to understand that our cells need oxygen to work properly. And, when they make them work harder (e.g. by running), they need more oxygen and consequently they breathe more heavily after exercising.


Check out what the newspapers said about the event:

We believe that it is difficult to cover all the novelties that appear in the field of biomedicine, that is why we want our association to be a bridge between students and the professional & research world.
Therefore, the third main objective of Bioneer is to periodically organize scientific dissemination talks, involve associates in activities with companies and scientific debates, as well as make visits of interest.

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