• Biotechnology

    We are passionate about the combination of technology & biology to improve society’s quality of life.

  • Engineering

    Our mission is applying engineering notions in order to provide solutions for the biomedical world

  • Competition

    We believe that teamwork is the best way to develop disruptive solutions to the challenges we are presented with.

  • Divulgation

    The biomedical world is evolving constantly, and we are determined to keep you informed with the latests news.

Why choose us

We are a team ready to improve the biomedical world. Most of the best students of engineering especially biomedical and teachers are part this group. We would like to share our expertise with other enterprises or people interested in our project. 


It is important that we strive to achieve our goals in an efficient way and respecting the ethical principles.

Team cooperation

Working in a cohesive and collaborative manner

Eagerness to learn

To continue improving and implementing new perspectives in our work


Being able to collect and bet on new ideas and for all those around us